Friday, 31 May 2013

Harley & Mischa

We rehomed Harley & Mischa at the end of March, and would just like to let the staff in the cat centre know how they are getting on. We think that you'll see from the photo that despite not knowing each other, they get along quite well, although on occasion there may be a bit of a dispute if one doesn't want to share the much loved bean bag! 
As younger cats they are quite naughty but seem to be settling in well

Poppy was Mercedes

I adopted Poppy mid-March and she settled in very quickly. In fact, once she escaped the carrier when I brought her home  she started purring straight away. She's not the most cuddly of cats but does love giving my hands and arms a wash when they're in range!

She sleeps on the bed all night but come 7am she's screaming for her food which she loves, so I have to be very careful not to over-feed her.

Though she's able to go out now I don't think she goes far, spending her time on the fence, watching the world and the birds go by.

I lost two cats last year but Poppy has filled a huge hole in my heart, so thank you for letting me adopt her :-)

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Diesel now Mylo

I have been here for four months now. I have lots of toys, but nothing is as much fun as a cardboard box!
 Catching a few zzz's with my pal Pippa (also from Llys Nini - three years ago now!)
I love cuddling up on the bed, but I always wake Mum up really early, hehe!
 That's all folks! Sending all this has worn me out... Time for a nap.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Jazz & Missy

They have the run of the house here, except when we have our food as they beg and steal and are always hungry! Both are in good health, Jude (re-named Jazz) is maturing fastest - we'll be arranging them to be spayed soon so they can enjoy the outside as well. They've been watching our neighbour's cats from the window, Josie (now called Missy) in particular may need a bit of moral support to get out there.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

David & Nadine now Hari & Bo

You once knew us as David and Nadine but we are now called Hari and Bo (our new mum has a sweet tooth!)
We settled in straight away, as if we had always lived here and we love nothing better than to chase each other all the time and play lots of games.  We started to go outside at Christmas time, mostly we stay in the back garden because we are still too small to climb the fence that leads to the front.  We especially like to go out in the rain so that we can collect worms to bring back into the house!!
We are good in the night but we never let mum sleep past 7.30am, even on weekends, and we like to wake her up by kissing her on the nose and licking her fingers!
We enjoyed our short stay with you and meeting the nice ladies in the cattery but we love being spoilt and having lots of cuddles in our new home xxx


We just wanted to update you on how Jet - now called Amity - is getting on. It's been 7 weeks since we adopted her and she is now 19 weeks old.

We were a little concerned about how Amity and our 4 year old male cat Indiana would get on but within a couple of days they were chasing each other round and touching noses. Over the last couple of weeks Indiana has started to wash her, she wasn't too keen at first but has now started to return the favour. Over the last couple of days Amity has decided she wants to curl up to sleep next to him which he doesn't mind providing she doesn't impinge on his space too much - he's not too impressed when she pushes him off the piano stool!

Amity still has her cute curly ears giving her a surprised look much of the time. She is slowly becoming less food proud. We are now able to feed both cats at the same time fairly close to one another and she doesn't growl providing Indiana doesn't get too near her food - which he quickly learnt wasn't a good idea when she hit him on the nose! One of us still has to supervise feeding time as she does like to try and steal his food - and he lets her - but hopefully this will improve once they're on the same meals. We think she is slowly coming to understand that she isn't going to go hungry but she hasn't quite got to grips with the fact she can't eat the same amount of food as a cat more than twice her size!

We can't understand why people aren't as keen to adopt black cats and kittens. Amity is so adorable and we're really glad we were able to offer her a home.

Take care and best wishes.
Caroline and Kyle

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Skittles & Sherbet

update on Skittles (Black – now called Billie Joe) and Sherbet (ginger – now Pippin). They settled in very quickly, including not staying where we wanted them to on the first night, and quickly developed their own personalities. They love food and sleeping on our beds when they can. They are happy to play with/cuddle with anyone and so are loved by all family and friends! 

Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Just a little note to let you know that I have settled in with my new family. I have 3 new little friends ( Imogen, Olivia & Kobi ) to play with and i am very gentle with them and they love me very much as do my new mum and Dad. I have been for sort visits in the garden, but not ventured to far yet. Oh must go mum has gone in the kitchen i think it must be tea time. Lots of love Dan XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Tamara now Seren

You knew Seren as Tamara and now that she has firmly established herself with us I thought you'd like to know how she is doing.

She is such a lovely cat, very gentle and calm, although she does have her moments when she scampers up and down the stairs at a rate of knots. She was a little wary of us when we first brought her home, but still gave us lots of welcoming trills when we came home from work and head-butts for Huw in the evening.

The wariness has nearly gone now and she likes to be near us in one way or another. On the footstool by the radiator or the coffee table if we're in the sitting room; on the bed or windowsill if we're doing stuff upstairs. Windowsills are a real favourite! She is not a lapcat and I'm not sure she will ever be, but that's fine, she is fab and suits us completely. Thank you for such a lovely little girl.

I've attached a couple of photos for you to see how well she has settled in and made herself a real part of our family.

Saturday, 22 December 2012


Dear Llys Nini
O'Malley, born in April of 2012 and found in Mountain Ash, found himself a
home in August of this year thanks to the efforts of the Team at Llys Nini.
He is the most wonderful cat, playful, mischievous, gentle and loving and is
adored by his new family.
ll a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. With love from O'Malley an
We would like to wish you
ad his Family.

Winnie & Rupert

Just thought I would let you know that both kittens have settled in really well and are giving us a run for our money lol.
I have attached a few pictures and hopefully a video, the one with the Christmas tree you have to look really  close to see Winnie 3/4 of the way up!!!  


Hello everyone! Just a quick update on Jessie (now Cleo). She’s now been with us for almost two months and has definitely made her mark; our house is filled with cat toys and treats, and her grandparents even bought her a special pussy cat calendar for the countdown to Christmas! She’s a very loving cat who will usually sit with me at my desk when I work from home. She has become really attached to us – she won’t even go out into the garden unless we stand by the door nearby watching her! She’s still a kitten at heart and we have had a few mishaps with Christmas decorations (even managed to chew through fairy light cables – didn’t get electrocuted thankfully!) but it’s impossible to be annoyed with her for long as she is so cute! We try to keep her entertained as much as possible, the squeaking mouse toys attached to wands being her favourite. We love our lucky black cat very much and couldn't imagine being without her now! Thank you to all at Llys Nini for helping to match us with Cleo and merry Christmas!

Tuesday, 18 December 2012


Just to let you know that Oscar is well, he has been with us nearly a years already, he is a little bit of a bully who loves to bite anything or anybody. He lost his best friend Chief the dog back in September he was miserable without him until he met 2 new friends hank & Duke who moved in next door, they are also X Llys Nini cats.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Norbert & Gunther

Hello.  Just a quick note to let you know how Norbert & Gunther are getting on.  They are now called Darwin (black & white) and Rigby.  They have settled in quickly.  Darwin has quickly designated himself Grand Supreme Ruler of the House and we are his subjects.  Rigby is quietly mischievous and extremely loving.  They have both grown to twice the size of when we adopted them just 2 months ago.  Both cats get on very well with our Boxer bitch, Miley, and all 3 often cwtch up together on the dog bed. (Despite having a huge cat tree in the room!) Thank you for rehoming them with us, we couldn’t imagine being without them.


Hi Everyone,

Just a quick update about Basil (now called Finnegan) who we adopted as a kitten from you not long ago.
He's settled in with us in no time, exploring the house and then having a cuddle.   He still loves exploring everything and occasionally gets himself into sticky situations, managing to get stuck in places he shouldn't be!  He's a lovely boy and plays very gently with our baby, making him laugh lots!  He's very affectionate and cuddly too, and is one happy little kitten. 

Thank you all so much for our lovely little boy

Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Hi All Colin has settled into his new home really well it’s been just over a week now and he is a really happy boy!
He is relaxed, no swiping at anyone -great with the dogs (he even gives them kisses) and no problems with the chickens. Although it’s early days in his new home he happily sits on the patio with the dogs and chickens around him and he enjoys a couple of checks around the garden perimeter each day.

He is such a loving and friendly cat we are all thrilled to have him as a new member of our house, thank-you to all the staff and volunteers who looked after him so well and helped him to find a home in which he can be happy.

Monday, 12 November 2012


Phil (or Phillip when he’s naughty) has been with us now for two months after being in Llys Nini for nearly a year. Phil has settled in nicely and we can’t believe how different he is from the first few times we met him in the cattery.  On Bringing him home, like recommended we prepared a nice quiet room for him to explore with plenty of food and water so he could stay in for the first few days, well Phil was having none of that and was off exploring  the house as soon as he could! We had no major problems apart from Phil getting a bit excited and shredding the bins to bits on his first night! As you said, Phil isn’t the cwtchiest of cats, but he adores our company. At every opportunity he’s climbing on our laps or sneaking on to our bed at night, he enjoys a good cuddle under his chin, or on his ears but hates having his tummy tickled and will soon tell you with his playful paws when he’s had enough! We bought lots of toys for Phil and his favorite is a small rattle ball on a string of elastic, he really does get excited over it!! Phil has started going out now, and loves exploring the bushes and trees out in the front, and even bought us back a live mouse as a present for us this morning! Phil’s favourite thing to do outside is sunbathe on a bit of grass out the front and watch the world go by, and lap up all the attention he gets from the passers by! A few weeks ago Phil had to spend a day in the vets as result of a mild bladder infection, but after a injection of antibiotics and a few weeks of special food, he’s now back to his cheeky self. All in all its like Phil has been with us for years and he really has made himself at home and makes us smile every day, so thank you Llys Nini for letting him come home to us, he’s a changed boy…no more Grumpy Phil for us!

Monday, 5 November 2012



Adopted on Oct 25, 2012 
Here is a picture of Harry who is five years old and came to live with us last week; he has settled in very well and is getting to know his new home - we are yet to let him explore the garden.


Just an update on Taylor (Bengal ) who has now been with us since June. Taylor has settled in very well and enjoys the outdoors. Photograph shows her investigating one of the trees in our garden, birds using peanut feeder attract her attention. Fortunately no accidents to date.
Best Regards

Olivia now Annabella

Hey! We adopted Olivia from you over 2 months ago! Just an update to show you how well she's getting on! We've renamed her Annabella and she's spoiled rotten! And very demanding! Thank you guys so much!

Friday, 5 October 2012

Tiger Lily

It's now just over three months since Tiger Lily joined our household and she very quickly made sure that we knew that she is the Boss! She enjoys sleeping in her basket and playing in the garden - and beyond. She loves playing with her toy mouse (and she has already brought us a real one, plus a couple of frogs that were quickly re-homed into next door's garden). She is so playful and inquisitive, and she loves curling up on an available knee and purring when she is petted. She has a lovely temperament and she has totally converted the man of the household into a cat person - to the amazement, and amusement, of the rest of the family. Thank you so much for letting us adopt her.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Monday, 1 October 2012

Jessie J

This is Jessie J who we adopted a few months ago.  She's absolutely adorable.  The first picture is her first day outside and she has just
discovered the hole in the fence that leads to the fields at the back, .  It did not take her long to go through and now she regularly
brings me prezzies of voles, shrews and mice, not a rat yet though thank goodness.  Her favourite place to snuggle and snooze is my bed. 
The third picture just shows what a laid back cat she is, she loves her tummy gently rubbed and to be made a fuss of.And the last is a
proper pose.  She's such a cool cat we all love her to bits.