Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Poppy enjoying life!

Poppy loving the sun!

She has been with us for about 3 months & already acting like she owns the place.

Although a little bit shy of going outside her confidence is growing all the time.

As you can see from the pictures she's very nosy, following us around the house.
She always seems to miss us, rushing to the door when we return home.

Although she likes her own space she does like to be near us in the evenings,
watching TV.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Charlotte now known as Lottie

[Was known as Charlotte]

                                                 Finding her feet on her first day home!
                                                                 Trying to break out!
 Settling in well!
Gorgeous Lottie!
                               One smug looking cat, one defeated looking dog!
                             Susie attempts the 'if I don't look I can't see you' method
                                    when she realizes yet another cat has moved in!

Thursday, 9 September 2010

"We adopted Madonna in June 2009 and re-named her Maddie. She was so timid and nervous when she first arrived and would hardly let anyone near her. Maddie is now such a happy content cat and loves her new home and family. She is so tolerant of the children and lets them stroke her constantly and carry her around! She loves the conservatory her best and spends half her life in there dozing the day away and the night flitting between all of our beds (she never did like her own bed that we brought her)!! We are so happy we chose Maddie, she has been such a lovely addition to our family and it's so nice to come home and see her in the window waiting for us and rushing to the front door! Thank you Llys Nini for such a beautiful cat.
Love the Evans Family XXX"

Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Matt now Twm
Twm was adopted from the Centre in May 2010.
He loves the garden, is very inquisitive, loves to
play with his toys & is following his owners round
the house like a puppy! He is eating well & his fur
is growing back quickly. He is a little cheeky though
with the other cat, pouncing on her when she leasts expects
it, but she does stand her ground & is starting to get used to him.

Arctic now Ollie

Arctic now known as Ollie was a timid boy when we brought him home to

Saundersfoot last September 29th 2009.

He did not like our other cat Susie & she kept her distance.

After 3 months of cuddles, love & patience, he started coming up

on my lap for a sleep & two months later he & Susie

became the best of friends. Ollie has been with us for 8 months &

has brought such happiness to us & Susie & is loved by everyone!

Dexter, Tobi & Dylan

This is


He came in to the Centre as he was abandoned in an
empty house along with his brother Dexter.
Tobi had a stomach problem when he came in & his
new owner came to see him and Dexter all the time!

This is
He got re-homed with his brother Tobi
& is now living happily in his new home with the other cats.

He came in to the Centre in 2006 as he was unwanted.
He now lives with Dexter, Tobi & 2 other cats.
He is a Top Cat!

Fliss & Zorro

Fliss & Zorro
They came in to the Centre together
& left together to go to a great new home!

Now living the sweet life!



In the last 24 hours he has successfully trained his owners
to total obedience to his every whim! Despite providing
a comfortable basket for him he prefers our bed as you can see.
He still takes the occasional swipe at us to keep us in line,
but seems very happy & contented.
Finally after a long time, Murdock has found
the perfect family to love him!


The beginning of December was bitterly cold in South Wales but luckily, that did not stop a number of fishermen indulging in their favourite pastime on a lake just outside Llanelli. As they fished, they noticed a couple of men looking a little suspicious. The men appeared to put something into a sack, which they tied up and threw into the lake.

Curious, one of the anglers managed to retrieve the sack just as it was sinking, brought it to shore and opened it. He found a six month old kitten, wet and frightened. He took the kitten home, dried it off and warmed it before calling the RSPCA to collect it.

"Rosie" was brought into the Llys Nini Animal Centre for some tender loving care and an opportunity to find a new home. The Animal Centre's Cattery was absolutely full. "Rosie" got the last cat pod. However, the very next day a cat just ready to give birth was brought in, but with no room for her, it was decided that one of the healthy cats should be fostered off site to free cage space. "Rosie" was fostered by one of the Centre's volunteers. She settled into her foster home so well that she decided to stay. She got a new home and a new name. Rosie has become Tegi-named after the monster reputedly living in Llyn Tegid (Lake Bala) in North Wales. Why the name change? We are told that Tegi is very apt, as she was pulled from a lake and is a little monster. Needless to say she is very happy and has settled in well.

Tegi has a special like of bananas and has, on occasion, not only pinched them from the fruit bowl at home but has brought them in from someone else's house. It is quite a feat to bring a banana through a cat flap!