Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Cookie & Lollypop

Just to let you know that Cookie and Lollipop (now called Sooty)
 have settled down to life with us. they are very friendly with each other
 and always playing and sleeping together and having fun chasing each
 other all over the living room. We are greatfulfor you allowing us to adopt the pair.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Thomas now known as Blue

'Blue finally has settled... He was originally with my Parents who took him with Lucy and Angel (previously Star) to be a friend to one of our cats, Muffin who had lost his brother.  Well Muffin made Blue's life a misery so eventually I said I would try him at my house.  I have birds so was very apprehensive at first.  Well after a few weeks of hissing and growling he settled and couldnt be happier.  We only have the occasional hiss and growl now, and even the the birds dont mind him ( as long as they have a chaperone!!).  He does love window sills to sprawl out on as long as a hot radiator is near!.  He sleeps all day and as soon as the light goes out, he is up all night playing and running up and down the stairs.
I suppose the lack of sleep makes up for the fact he is happy!

Wednesday, 15 December 2010


I adopted Rupert on Valentines day this year and although I have had many pet cats before I can honestly say I have never had one as loving, funny or intelligent as he is. He settled in virtually straight away and now runs the house and me. He was the best decision I've made in my life although I've got the feeling it was him that made it. I would really like to help out the sanctuary but unfortunately I'm out of work at the moment, once I am able to I will be in touch.
Thank you for my best friend and companion

Mickey & Maisey

Mickey & Maisey
After my husband and I bought a fabulous country property, we soon realised that something was missing and that was a pet.  I have always had horses and also I desperately wanted a dog.  But as we both work full time, there is no way I would get a dog only to lock it up 10 hours a day.  So for the 1st time in my 45 years I considered a cat, so that weekend I headed off to Llyns Nini.  While at the centre it dawned on me, that one may end up lonely in all this space.  So I thought maybe I should “consider” two.

(excuse me a sec Mickey has just arrived and is demanding chicken!!)
Ok am back now.

Anyway, that is the day I saw Mickey, then when looking for a staff member to seek further advice, I spotted Maisey, I enquired if it might be possible to adopt the two, was told that if it looked like they would get on, then yes, so they took them to the back room to see how they got on. 
That was over 2 years ago and they haven’t been apart for a day since.  It must have been  meant to be.
The four us  have gelled together.  John and I are besotted with them.  They are so spoilt, now they won’t eat wet cat food, they are far too posh for that now, Maisey eats fresh fish, Mickey adores cooked chicken.  They snack on bickies inbetween meals.   To be honest I could ramble on for hours.  We love them so much, I cannot imagine being without them.  I still want a dog one day, it won’t be for a while for the same reasons, and if one does come along,  well that could turn out eventful !!!  But I am sure we will all get our heads round it. 
Thank you Llys Nini xxxx