Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Scallyway & Ragamuffin Now Known As Sophie & Cassie

I adopted 2 cats from you back in January. You may remember them as they were in with you for a while before they came home with me, Scallywag and Ragamuffin.

Just to give you a little update. They are now called Sophie and Cassie and have slowly changed from being nervous cats to loving, contented pets.

They enjoy going out in my garden for a little look around, but spend most of their time lazing around the house and having the occassional play fight, which is very amusing to watch.

Thank you for helping us find each other.

Sian, Sophie and Cassie x



We had four cats but lost two over the last couple of years. We thought we’d just keep going with the two we had left. However, after browsing the Llys Nini website we decided we may take another cat. I went to the centre with a view to taking an older cat & had seen one which we thought would be suitable. Unfortunately, that wasn’t possible, but I was introduced to Tiggy.
I picked Tiggy up on a Friday just over three weeks ago. She was very skittish when she first arrived and I wondered if she’d settle, but I needn’t have been concerned. By the end of the weekend she had her own armchair, her own blanket and her own place in the pecking order.
Our resident cats were a bit taken aback by this interloper at first, but things have settled down. Her ‘big brother’ is not at all bothered by her nor she by him. Her ‘sister’ on the other hand is a different kettle of fish & they are both very wary of each other & keep a respectful distance most of the time - except for mealtimes – but they are getting used to each other.
Tiggy had a weight problem and was on a diet which we have tried to stick to. She loves her food and is prepared to barge both brother & sister out of the way if it means she can eat first. Nevertheless, she has settled well into our routine and has lost a little weight since arriving – probably a lot to do with having more exercise, as well as diet. She often follows me around the house, up & down the stairs umpteen times a day. She likes to look out of the windows, especially the utility room window overlooking the garden – something they all love to do.
She’s a lovely, affectionate cat who loves to cuddle & will demand to sit on your lap. It seems now as if she’s always been here & she has filled a gap left by the two cats we lost.

Sunday, 13 November 2011


Just to let you know that Odie is settling in really quickly. You were absolutely right about him being friendly and loving cuddles - he is so affection. He hasn't been nervous at all, in fact he's been busy exploring every room, cupboard, nook & cranny in the house. He follows us around like a little dog, loves playing and has already found all the warm places to sleep. His leg injury hasn't hampered his ability to run around or jump at all - in fact he's into everything!

Thank you so much for letting us have such a wonderful little cat. Our home is much nicer with him in it.

I've attached some photos to let you see that he's eating and sleeping well!!

Best Wishes

We wish Odie and his family all the best for the future!

Thursday, 10 November 2011


We originally arrived at the centre on a wet Saturday afternoon in early September with the view to completing our little family by adopting an adult cat.  We looked around the pens, and drew up our own little shortlist, before spending some time in  various pens getting to know some of the animals.  One stood out for us as ideal, so the adoption process was started.  Sadly, when the home check was carried out, it was decided that the road outside our home was too busy for the inquisitive young cat we'd both fallen for.  It was suggested that we go back to the centre and look for a cat who was perhaps a little older, and more of a "house cat".
So, the following Saturday we were back again.  This time a shortlist had been drawn up for us by the staff who know the individual cats so well.  We spent time in each individual's pen getting to know the character and temperament of each cat.  One shone through an eight year old Tabby  - "Molly".  She was at the centre as her previous owner had died, and had evidently been a much loved and pampered pet as she was rather on the "tubby" side!  We were warned that she had a bit of a bad temper, and was rather a lethargic animal who spent most of her time asleep.
Within the week, Molly had been collected, and was getting used to her new home.  We knew pretty soon that the description we had been given didn't fully describe her.  She proved to be far from lethargic, exploring the tops of cupboards and wardrobes, inside the kitchen cupboards and even the inside of the empty washing machine when the door was left open.    As her weight has now adjusted to a more normal level with careful feeding, Molly has become aware of her tail.  She sits watching the tip of her tail for a few moments, then chases it around in circles.  This activity is double the fun for Molly if she happens to have burrowed under a rug at the time!  Molly has now also discovered the outside world, and regularly patrols her territory which includes our back garden and that of our immediate neighbour much to the disgust of the resident Magpie who sits at the top of a tree shouting at her.
We have seen little evidence of her bad temper either, it seems she was just upset and lonely at being in the centre.  She is still rather shy, going to hide behind the bed or under the duvet on occasion when we have visitors.  However, she spent a few hours recently entertaining our two young nieces, despite all her toys being given to her to play with at once, and her toy rat being accidentally half drowned in Molly's water bowl!
Our little family is now happily settled, spending the colder evenings together on the sofa.  Molly likes nothing better than to have her own cushion to sit on, or perching on the back of the sofa and falling asleep.
Thanks everyone,
Lorna, Peter & Molly

We wish Molly and her family all the best for the future!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011


We adopted Lulu aka Cleo early September 2011 and she settled in straight away.  She is such a lovely, beautiful and friendly kitten who loves attention.  Lulu is so affentionate and has a gentle nature. She gets on well with my three year old son and loves to watch him play with his toys.  She eventually won round our two older male brother cats Ollie and Coco (both 7 1/2).  She is often seen cuddled up with one of them. 

The staff at Llys Nini did a wonderful job in raising her, she is so affentionate and loves attention.We feel very lucky to have found her. Thank you Llys Nini staff and volunteers.

Emma, Neil, Thomas, Ollie & Coco Wilcox

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Polar & Panda

Polar & Panda are settling in really well, they are truly part of the family, Both Polar and Panda love their new bed and their new toys. They are really loving cats, much more than we thought, and are both already demanding cwtches and cuddles, they are being just a little bit spoilt!

 Panda enjoying the X-Factor with his Mammy!
Polar, not so much!

Friday, 7 October 2011

Abbie & Archie

Just to let you now how Abbie and Archie are settling in. We were both so upset when we lost our last old ladies within a month of one another. But when we saw Abbie and Archie we knew they were perfect for us.

They are both doing really well and seem to be finding their feet and moulding us to their needs.
Archie is a complete cuddle monster and can't get enough fuss and attention, while Abbie is a bit shy and likes being in her cat cave and snoozing, however she is just coming out of her shell and starting to demand a fuss. Archie's daily dilemma is who's lap to pick and wanders between us until he decides and then collapses in a purring furry heap. Abbie loves her food and if we are even a moment to slow in feeding her, boy do we know about it, which has earned her the nick name of screech!  She is such a nosy neighbour and when she isn't curled up snoozing she loves sitting in the sunny window and keeping an eye on what everyone outside is up to.

They have been so good since they have arrived and got to grips with using their tray and finding their favourite places to sit. Archie has started to go out into the garden for a wander around and Abbie is loving digging in the veggie beds, (great for getting rid of the weeds). At the moment they are having great fun chasing spiders, daddy long legs and playing with the cat nip mice I made for them. Archie has a mad five minutes and gallops around, skidding round corners and mewing to himself. Abbie just supervises from a safe distance! Far to elegant for any of that nonsense.
It's so nice to come home from work and see two little faces sitting in the bay window (like book ends) waiting for me to come in. Archie is normally so excited when I get through the door that he shivers all over including his tail and tells me all about his day, while Abbie tries to herd me into the kitchen to feed her. They seem to be very happy at home while we are at work and have the run of the house. 
I really can't imagine being without them now and think they seem really happy,we look forward to many happy years of sharing the sofa with them both !

I'm sad to see that Snowy is still with you, he was Abbie and Archie's neighbour and was such a character. I hope someone will come along for him soon. 

Thank you for our lovely cats ! 

Neil, Victoria, Abbie and Archie. 

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


We first came to the centre in September to have a look at the cats with our 8 month old daughter Elsie. Because we have a baby there were only 2 cats that were potentially suited to being re-homed with an infant, The first cat we met was a little timid and we were afraid she would be terrorised by our baby, then we met Benny. He was 20 weeks old at the time and was not at all bothered by our daughter squealing with excitement! He was so friendly and playful, and the staff at the centre thought he would be great with the baby and we agreed and thought he would be a fab new addition to our little family!
 Following a home visit and a couple of socialising trips, one week later Benny came home. At first he was very shy and took a little coaxing to come out of his travel basket, he was brilliantly litter trained so knew to only do his business in the tray and would happily come out for food too but would run back to the safety of his 'house'. That first night though, whilst i was bathing the baby, Benny went exploring downstairs and found a little gap beside the dishwasher where he snuck and hid for the whole night!!!! i was very concerned when i came down stirs to find he had vanished, after a little investigation i found him, and decide to leave him until he came out in his own time. which he did! By day 3 he was well settled into our home. Our daughter loves him and gets so excited when she sees him. He so so playful, he follows me everywhere i go (including the toilet!!) He does like a play fight every now and again too, but he has been generally great with our daughter, and given that she doesn't fully understand how to be gentle yet, they have got on great!! He still hasn't been let outside our house yet and he is still to be neutered which will be in the next fortnight. But he is a lovely cat to have around, you can tell he is a teenage boy, always prowling around and up to mischief but he is very loving and loves to sit on your lap for a cwtch or a nap. He seems very happy with his new home and loves to run as fast as he can from one end to the other!! He is like my shadow and has settled brilliantly into our family!

All the best from Olivia, Benji, Elsie and Benny x

Friday, 30 September 2011

Whisper & Pearl
Milly & Molly

Who have settled in brilliantly in their new home!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Flash is really fit and well, he's even starting to be sociable, he aint no lap cat, but is really more than 5 ft away from me, and no longer bites or claws you at every opportunity. Although he is still grumpy and is likely to tell me off often but without using the claws... 


Thursday, 18 August 2011

Tallie & Brecon

TALLIE AND BRECON aka Daisy and Dolly
We fell in love with these two special girls as soon as we met them in Llys Nini, they are so adorable. They have been with us now for a few months and we love them both so much. They have very different personalities, Brecon (ginger nose) is more dependant and mischievious. Tallie (black nose) loves cuddles and has a more laidback nature. They are both amazingly friendly, very adventurous, always investigating, and love being around us, following us from room to room. They always enjoy playing outside, chasing each other and the flies around the garden, but are also very happy just wondering, relaxing or having a big fuss made over them in the house. Thank you so much Llys Nini for looking after them until they came to us, their forever and ever home!! Lots of love and meows, Kelly, Matt, Tallie and Brecon x x

Sunday, 14 August 2011


We called in to Llys Nini on Tuesday 19th July, looked around at all the lovely cats and saw Donny.  We decided to take hime home after a little bonding time.  We called again the following Saturday and knew he was the one for us.  Donny came home with us on Tuesday 26th July.  He was very wary/nervous from the first moment he came out of his basket.  He soon found out where his food was kept and where his litter tray was.  He hasn't stopped eating since!  He is settling in well and has sniffed out all the corners of the house, especially our front windowsill where he likes to watch the world go by.  He is quite affectionate, but is still very cheeky.  He loves to chase his mouse and goldfish and enjoys jumping at us as we walk past.  After playing in the evening, he enjoys cuddling up on the settee and taking up most of the space.  We are SO glad that we chose our Cheeky Donny Boy!!

Monday, 1 August 2011

Bandit now known as Abby

Our new cat abby that arrived on the 26 of May 2011 after being in a cage for two weeks there was no background on her but she came in with another 2 cats she was 10 months old she is a tortis shell.She is a very good girl who loves playing,and has a mad 5 minutes raceing around the house,likes washing,specially eating and caught one bird a couple of weeks ago,she has loads of cat friends and a boyfriend called Miko our next door cat,shes very cute,she enjoys watching our hamster Dexter, my dad and my mum and I love her lots,she gets on well with other people,Abby is very nosey,wonders in to next doors patio doors,she gets deflead and wormed.We are very happy with Abby glad we went to  llys nini.THANK YOU LLYS NINI hope you like the photos

 On her first day!


Sunday, 24 July 2011


The day Harvey came home with us, he was really excited and naughty, jumping all over all the kitchen units and in and out of cupboards and drawers! He soon settled down but suffered from a really sensitive stomach to begin with. The RSPCA LLYS NINI really helped us with this and suggested some sensitive cat food and gradually adding regular cat food. He is right as rain now! He loves it when I get deliveries in, exploring the boxes and chasing the plastic. Our neighbour’s kids love to play with Harvey in the garden, and Harvey gets on very well with their own cat.
Harvey regularly returns home announcing himself very loudly and jumps up for a cwtch, usually covered in various bits of garden! Harvey chases anything that moves, and he loves pens! If he sees a pen or coathanger on the floor he chases it across the room and jumps up as if it is alive.
We love Harvey very much and we are very glad that we came to Llys Nini to adopt him.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Tess & Yaz

Myself and my partner have now moved to Cardiff and Tessa and Yaz have settled into their new home well, they are sunning themselves in the garden as I type. You may remember Tess had a few behavioural issues and did not like to be touched, it is as though she is a completely different cat now, she is very affectionate and enjoys a cuddle on her terms, she is very confident and complacent and is definitely the boss of the house. Yaz is lovely, very chatty and has a tendency to wander around the house meowing until she finds someone to sit on, she is always purring and does a funny little dance when waiting for food.

Thank you so much for bringing these beautiful cats into our lives. They are a big part of our family and my brother and cousin (who adopted them with us) often come and visit them.

Thank You very much Elinor, Craig for adopting these two ladies!

Rio know known as Brendan (Brenny)

Brendan (Brenny)
Well, firstly I should tell you that he now goes by the name of Brendan, (after the Swans manager of course!) or more commonly Brenny. He also has a number of affectionate nicknames such as Thundersticks, due to the way he thunders up and down the stairs!
He has settled in brilliantly and did from the outset, our resident queen Mabel accepted him with very little fuss or animosity we are happy to report. That is not to say she doesn't let him know when he's overstepped the mark with a little growl or hiss!!
Brendan is a delightful little cat and very easy to fall in love with-we both have hook, line and sinker! He's so affectionate and always comes for a cuddle when we are watching TV or in bed-we often get woken in the early hours by the loudest purr I have ever heard, and he likes to sleep wound around one of our necks which is not always the most comfortable (for us of course-he is in seventh heaven), but endearing none the less.
His latest snoozing spot is on top of the ironing board where he basks in the sun for most of the day, but more often than not he will settle on the nearest available lap (or on top of the fish tank which is not the most popular spot in our eyes for obvious reasons but as you know a cat will do what a cat wants to do!)
We will certainly enter him in the cat competition - handsomest of course, although it is a shame there isn't a dirtiest cat category; he often comes scampering in covered in mud all up his snowy white legs! Mabel by contrast is a fastidiously clean creature and just sits on her blanket looking at the state on him in disgust!
Rio was a semi-feral kitten when he arrived at the centre
& left a better kitten & is now a fab young man in his great new home!
 Being Cheeky!

Brenny with Mabel

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Kai now Ollie Pop!

Hi there, I adopted Kai last year and would like to post our progress on your success stories page so here goes:
OLLIE POP formerly known as Kai
Last year 2 1/2 months before Christmas my beloved cat Mr Fong was run over by a car leaving all of us in mourning
including our 2yr Jack Russell called Archie who was his best friend. I continued socialising at the Centre even though at times it was heartbreaking,
And it was at this time I came a across a little 3 legged kitten called Kai who i fell in love with. He was adopted on the 21.12.2010 giving us the best Christmas, and our lives have
never been the same since. Archie bonded with him straight away and he filled a gap in my heart I never thought could be repaired.
He bounces about like a crab, hops like a loon to catch flies and mauls Archie when he doesn't get his way - which is hilarious!  
He loves nothing more then to bite me in the morning to wake me up and get me out of bed and is very vocal when he wants something, especially being dried after he comes in when its been raining! Even with his disability he lives life to the full with his brilliant personality. Thank you so much for giving us this little treasure; I can honestly never repay you for how you have mended our hearts.
Love and gratitude always!
Jenna, Ollie Pop, Archie and the rest of our little clan :) xxx
(Thanks sooo much guys...)

Thank you for adopting him!!