Thursday, 31 March 2011

Eric & Dexter (known as Tony & Timmy)

Eric & Dexter
Known as Tony & Timmy

Hello, we thought you would like to hear how Dexter and Eric (formerly known as Timmy and Tony) are getting on. You may remember how shy these two were but after a lot of cuddles and playing they began to come round. Two months in and they are now well at home and their true personalities are shining bright. Eric (first two pictures) is the boss! He loves his food and collects all the toys for himself. Dexter (second two pictures) is the cheeky one and loves to wake us up by chasing our feet under the bed covers. They both love cuddles and belly rubs and being part of our family.
Thank you again to everyone at Llys Nini for homing these fantastic boys with us! Keep up your good work!