Wednesday, 15 June 2011


We adopted Bob (or Bob adopted us!) from Llys Nini on Friday 3rd June 2011.

Bob had had a bad start in life and had been found in a shed with an infected tail. His tail had to be amputated. He had also lost the top of one ear.
He was an extremely timid cat but had been socialised by Llys Nini volunteers Liz and Viv who did an excellent job. 

On bringing Bob home, he was quite nervous at first and took to 'hiding' on top of the wall cupboards in the kitchen when it was bedtime. However after only a few days he stopped this and is now much more confident! He loves all his new toys, especially a large paper carrier bag and several ping pong balls which keep getting lost! He likes to chill out on the sofa and on the stairs and enjoys staring out of the window watching the neighbours!

He is the most inquisitive cat we have ever met and wants to know what everything is for - the mobile phone, TV remote, laptop etc! He has to investigate anything new he finds and 'talks' to us while he is checking it out.

He is great fun and spends ages playing and running around every evening - especially between 10 and 11pm.

Bob will have to wait a while before going outside, but we're sure he will have a great time in the garden climbing trees and having adventures! He's a very handsome boy and he looks after his long coat very well with a little help from a grooming mitt here and there. 

We think he is part Maine Coon, as he displays many of the characteristics of the breed - he has the tufty 'snow shoes', the extra long whiskers, pointed ears and he is more inclined to lie next to you on the sofa rather than on your lap which is typical of the breed. 

Thank you Llys Nini for looking after Bob so well and providing us with a fun and loving companion! 


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