Sunday, 24 July 2011


The day Harvey came home with us, he was really excited and naughty, jumping all over all the kitchen units and in and out of cupboards and drawers! He soon settled down but suffered from a really sensitive stomach to begin with. The RSPCA LLYS NINI really helped us with this and suggested some sensitive cat food and gradually adding regular cat food. He is right as rain now! He loves it when I get deliveries in, exploring the boxes and chasing the plastic. Our neighbour’s kids love to play with Harvey in the garden, and Harvey gets on very well with their own cat.
Harvey regularly returns home announcing himself very loudly and jumps up for a cwtch, usually covered in various bits of garden! Harvey chases anything that moves, and he loves pens! If he sees a pen or coathanger on the floor he chases it across the room and jumps up as if it is alive.
We love Harvey very much and we are very glad that we came to Llys Nini to adopt him.

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