Monday, 11 July 2011

Rio know known as Brendan (Brenny)

Brendan (Brenny)
Well, firstly I should tell you that he now goes by the name of Brendan, (after the Swans manager of course!) or more commonly Brenny. He also has a number of affectionate nicknames such as Thundersticks, due to the way he thunders up and down the stairs!
He has settled in brilliantly and did from the outset, our resident queen Mabel accepted him with very little fuss or animosity we are happy to report. That is not to say she doesn't let him know when he's overstepped the mark with a little growl or hiss!!
Brendan is a delightful little cat and very easy to fall in love with-we both have hook, line and sinker! He's so affectionate and always comes for a cuddle when we are watching TV or in bed-we often get woken in the early hours by the loudest purr I have ever heard, and he likes to sleep wound around one of our necks which is not always the most comfortable (for us of course-he is in seventh heaven), but endearing none the less.
His latest snoozing spot is on top of the ironing board where he basks in the sun for most of the day, but more often than not he will settle on the nearest available lap (or on top of the fish tank which is not the most popular spot in our eyes for obvious reasons but as you know a cat will do what a cat wants to do!)
We will certainly enter him in the cat competition - handsomest of course, although it is a shame there isn't a dirtiest cat category; he often comes scampering in covered in mud all up his snowy white legs! Mabel by contrast is a fastidiously clean creature and just sits on her blanket looking at the state on him in disgust!
Rio was a semi-feral kitten when he arrived at the centre
& left a better kitten & is now a fab young man in his great new home!
 Being Cheeky!

Brenny with Mabel

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