Sunday, 14 August 2011


We called in to Llys Nini on Tuesday 19th July, looked around at all the lovely cats and saw Donny.  We decided to take hime home after a little bonding time.  We called again the following Saturday and knew he was the one for us.  Donny came home with us on Tuesday 26th July.  He was very wary/nervous from the first moment he came out of his basket.  He soon found out where his food was kept and where his litter tray was.  He hasn't stopped eating since!  He is settling in well and has sniffed out all the corners of the house, especially our front windowsill where he likes to watch the world go by.  He is quite affectionate, but is still very cheeky.  He loves to chase his mouse and goldfish and enjoys jumping at us as we walk past.  After playing in the evening, he enjoys cuddling up on the settee and taking up most of the space.  We are SO glad that we chose our Cheeky Donny Boy!!

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