Thursday, 18 August 2011

Tallie & Brecon

TALLIE AND BRECON aka Daisy and Dolly
We fell in love with these two special girls as soon as we met them in Llys Nini, they are so adorable. They have been with us now for a few months and we love them both so much. They have very different personalities, Brecon (ginger nose) is more dependant and mischievious. Tallie (black nose) loves cuddles and has a more laidback nature. They are both amazingly friendly, very adventurous, always investigating, and love being around us, following us from room to room. They always enjoy playing outside, chasing each other and the flies around the garden, but are also very happy just wondering, relaxing or having a big fuss made over them in the house. Thank you so much Llys Nini for looking after them until they came to us, their forever and ever home!! Lots of love and meows, Kelly, Matt, Tallie and Brecon x x

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