Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Scallyway & Ragamuffin Now Known As Sophie & Cassie

I adopted 2 cats from you back in January. You may remember them as they were in with you for a while before they came home with me, Scallywag and Ragamuffin.

Just to give you a little update. They are now called Sophie and Cassie and have slowly changed from being nervous cats to loving, contented pets.

They enjoy going out in my garden for a little look around, but spend most of their time lazing around the house and having the occassional play fight, which is very amusing to watch.

Thank you for helping us find each other.

Sian, Sophie and Cassie x



We had four cats but lost two over the last couple of years. We thought we’d just keep going with the two we had left. However, after browsing the Llys Nini website we decided we may take another cat. I went to the centre with a view to taking an older cat & had seen one which we thought would be suitable. Unfortunately, that wasn’t possible, but I was introduced to Tiggy.
I picked Tiggy up on a Friday just over three weeks ago. She was very skittish when she first arrived and I wondered if she’d settle, but I needn’t have been concerned. By the end of the weekend she had her own armchair, her own blanket and her own place in the pecking order.
Our resident cats were a bit taken aback by this interloper at first, but things have settled down. Her ‘big brother’ is not at all bothered by her nor she by him. Her ‘sister’ on the other hand is a different kettle of fish & they are both very wary of each other & keep a respectful distance most of the time - except for mealtimes – but they are getting used to each other.
Tiggy had a weight problem and was on a diet which we have tried to stick to. She loves her food and is prepared to barge both brother & sister out of the way if it means she can eat first. Nevertheless, she has settled well into our routine and has lost a little weight since arriving – probably a lot to do with having more exercise, as well as diet. She often follows me around the house, up & down the stairs umpteen times a day. She likes to look out of the windows, especially the utility room window overlooking the garden – something they all love to do.
She’s a lovely, affectionate cat who loves to cuddle & will demand to sit on your lap. It seems now as if she’s always been here & she has filled a gap left by the two cats we lost.