Sunday, 8 January 2012

Hunter & Soc now known as Aristotle & Socrates

Just thought you'd like to know how Hunter and Soc, now Aristotle and Socrates are getting on in their new home. 
We've had them just under a month now and they've settled in very well.  After a few handbag at dawn moments while they learned that our older cats twitchy tail was not a toy, they've settled in quite well with her and she is often found in their room cuddled up on their bed. 
The dogs made them very nervous to start with but they now quite happily pinch the dogs food out of their bowls while the dogs look on pathetically.  I have to shut them out of the kitchen now while the dogs get their dinner or the dogs end up waiting while the cats polish off the nice bits and the dogs get the leftovers.  Our Lab pup and Socrates have become best buddies and spend quite a lot of time cuddled up in front of the fire grooming each other. 
The kittens themselves are enjoying exploring the house, so far the curtains are still intact, which is more than can be said for my legs. Who needs acupuncture when you can have kittiepuncture.  Cooking or washing dishes normally involves a kitten attached to my left thigh.  Switching the washing machine on usually helps as they are fascinated and scared by it in equal measures. 
Socrates is quite sleek and athletic and has attached himself to my husband, the minute my hubbie is home he has a kittie on his lap.  Aristotle is quite the armchair athlete and eats for Wales, as can be seen by his rotund tummy.  He has attached to me (see leg comment).  If you are meant to look like your pets then that doesn't say much for me hehe.
The diarrhoea that Aristotle suffered from has settled down with a course of antibiotics and some wormer from the vets.  He is still a little pudgey but much more active now his tummy is more settled. 
All in all they have settled in very well, so a huge thank you to everyone at Llys Nini for helping to socialise them into such cute cuddly kittens.  I'm sure they will grow into their purrs eventually.

Best wishes
Angela & Calum

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