Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Florence now called Phoebe

We adopted Florence in December,she in now called Phoebe,this is because we already have a Rachael and a Monica. She is absolutely lovely,we love her to bits and she really gets on with our five other cats. We had half a day of spitting from her to the other cats and that was it,ever since then she loves them all and plays particularly with our chocolate Persian girl Coco Chanel.
Her favorite place is our bed in the night,she loves to sleep on my shoulder and has the loudest purr of all the six cats.
I have attached a couple of pics of her playing with her new family.
Thank you so much for letting us have her,she has brought a lot of joy to us as we had to have our 18 year old boy put to sleep in November and this is why we knew we had room for a new cat.
Thanks once again

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