Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Connie & Connor

We would like to thank you for letting our family rehome 2 of your cats.
When we first came in to see connie and connor we loved them and knew these were the cats for us. As soon as they came to live with us they were very nervous connor was very sick and had a very poorly tummy for the first day, but ever since they have been fantastic cats, connor sleeps all the time and loves to meow as soon as connie goes near him to show he is there. also connie is the boss she loves attention and is into everything, on the computer buttons, looking out of the window, trying to get into the bin and loves playing with string she catches a ball and runs around the house like a maniac, if connor has cuddles she doesnt like it and tries to get in the way so she gets the cuddles. they are great with my 5 year old too, they have totally different personalities but they are great connie wacks you when she has had enough attention and connor will give big cuddles on the sofa and in bed. they love to have a little fight here and there and are very playful we have had them for nearly 2 weeks now and i do not regret getting them one bit, they are part of our family now and highly recommend anyone thinking of adopting a cat to go for it.
Thank you so much

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