Thursday, 2 August 2012


Hi just a quick up date on our Kitten Kiara . We brought Kiara home on the 7/6/12. It did not take her long to settle into her new home, at first she was a little nervous she hid under our sofa for half hour,but she soon came out and wanted to play with her new toys and with our two children. She has only had one accident behind our t.v and we think that was because she did not like were her litter tray was. Since moving it she has not had any more accidents and is very well litter trained. Kaira has such a lovely temperament. She loves to cuddle and sleep on your lap. She loves to play and follow you every where you go. Kiara loves to sleep and will settle down in a few places, her favourite is on the cupboard behind our sofa. Kiara is still being fed on Whiskas kitten food and biscuits four times a day. She has a very big appetite. We would like to say thank you to all the staff at Llys Nini for letting us adopted Kiara. She is a big part of our family now and is such a lovely kitten and is growing up so fast and has got a very similar temperament to her mum Tiger Lilly, loving her cuddles just as we hoped.