Monday, 1 October 2012

Bonnie now Lola

We adopted Bonnie 'the bumble bee' (now Lola) the beginning of June and she is getting on really well. When we brought her home she purred from the second she came through the door! We kept her in the kitchen for the first day so she could get used to her new home and gradually introduced her to the other rooms in the house which she enjoyed exploring.  She is the perfect little kitten who enjoys cuddles and lots of playing with her toys. She carries her favourite toy around the house in her mouth like a dog! Lola also loves playing out in the garden chasing the spiders, she already has a new cat friend who lives across the road that she will be playing with when she's old enough to go out properly. Thank you Llys Nini for letting us adopt such a cute little cat :)

Lucy and Simon xx

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