Monday, 1 October 2012

Jepson now Chico

In July we adopted a lovely cat called Jepson from you and you asked us to let you know how he is getting on. We have changed his name to Chico (Spanish for" little boy" but with overtones of a lovable naughtiness).  As you can see from the pictures he has settled in really well and although he is still very lively, he has calmed down a lot.  The pictures are:
Relax: Chico getting used to us and settling in.
Harness: We wanted him to get used to the outdoors quite quickly so we trained him with a harness which he took to really well.
Freedom: At last we felt confident that he could roam freely in the garden alone.
Wall:  Exploring further afield. He loves to sit on this wall and watch what is happening in the fields behind. He also plays in them.
Family: Nia's whole family came to stay recently - 4 teenagers and 6 adults. Chico was superb and got on well with everyone.  He loves to be involved in everything, including putting up the tent!
Thank you very much for all your hard work. We are delighted with Chico and love him to bits!
Best wishes,
Shaun, Nia and Chico.

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