Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Hi All Colin has settled into his new home really well it’s been just over a week now and he is a really happy boy!
He is relaxed, no swiping at anyone -great with the dogs (he even gives them kisses) and no problems with the chickens. Although it’s early days in his new home he happily sits on the patio with the dogs and chickens around him and he enjoys a couple of checks around the garden perimeter each day.

He is such a loving and friendly cat we are all thrilled to have him as a new member of our house, thank-you to all the staff and volunteers who looked after him so well and helped him to find a home in which he can be happy.

Monday, 12 November 2012


Phil (or Phillip when he’s naughty) has been with us now for two months after being in Llys Nini for nearly a year. Phil has settled in nicely and we can’t believe how different he is from the first few times we met him in the cattery.  On Bringing him home, like recommended we prepared a nice quiet room for him to explore with plenty of food and water so he could stay in for the first few days, well Phil was having none of that and was off exploring  the house as soon as he could! We had no major problems apart from Phil getting a bit excited and shredding the bins to bits on his first night! As you said, Phil isn’t the cwtchiest of cats, but he adores our company. At every opportunity he’s climbing on our laps or sneaking on to our bed at night, he enjoys a good cuddle under his chin, or on his ears but hates having his tummy tickled and will soon tell you with his playful paws when he’s had enough! We bought lots of toys for Phil and his favorite is a small rattle ball on a string of elastic, he really does get excited over it!! Phil has started going out now, and loves exploring the bushes and trees out in the front, and even bought us back a live mouse as a present for us this morning! Phil’s favourite thing to do outside is sunbathe on a bit of grass out the front and watch the world go by, and lap up all the attention he gets from the passers by! A few weeks ago Phil had to spend a day in the vets as result of a mild bladder infection, but after a injection of antibiotics and a few weeks of special food, he’s now back to his cheeky self. All in all its like Phil has been with us for years and he really has made himself at home and makes us smile every day, so thank you Llys Nini for letting him come home to us, he’s a changed boy…no more Grumpy Phil for us!

Monday, 5 November 2012



Adopted on Oct 25, 2012 
Here is a picture of Harry who is five years old and came to live with us last week; he has settled in very well and is getting to know his new home - we are yet to let him explore the garden.


Just an update on Taylor (Bengal ) who has now been with us since June. Taylor has settled in very well and enjoys the outdoors. Photograph shows her investigating one of the trees in our garden, birds using peanut feeder attract her attention. Fortunately no accidents to date.
Best Regards

Olivia now Annabella

Hey! We adopted Olivia from you over 2 months ago! Just an update to show you how well she's getting on! We've renamed her Annabella and she's spoiled rotten! And very demanding! Thank you guys so much!