Saturday, 22 December 2012


Hello everyone! Just a quick update on Jessie (now Cleo). She’s now been with us for almost two months and has definitely made her mark; our house is filled with cat toys and treats, and her grandparents even bought her a special pussy cat calendar for the countdown to Christmas! She’s a very loving cat who will usually sit with me at my desk when I work from home. She has become really attached to us – she won’t even go out into the garden unless we stand by the door nearby watching her! She’s still a kitten at heart and we have had a few mishaps with Christmas decorations (even managed to chew through fairy light cables – didn’t get electrocuted thankfully!) but it’s impossible to be annoyed with her for long as she is so cute! We try to keep her entertained as much as possible, the squeaking mouse toys attached to wands being her favourite. We love our lucky black cat very much and couldn't imagine being without her now! Thank you to all at Llys Nini for helping to match us with Cleo and merry Christmas!

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