Thursday, 27 December 2012

Tamara now Seren

You knew Seren as Tamara and now that she has firmly established herself with us I thought you'd like to know how she is doing.

She is such a lovely cat, very gentle and calm, although she does have her moments when she scampers up and down the stairs at a rate of knots. She was a little wary of us when we first brought her home, but still gave us lots of welcoming trills when we came home from work and head-butts for Huw in the evening.

The wariness has nearly gone now and she likes to be near us in one way or another. On the footstool by the radiator or the coffee table if we're in the sitting room; on the bed or windowsill if we're doing stuff upstairs. Windowsills are a real favourite! She is not a lapcat and I'm not sure she will ever be, but that's fine, she is fab and suits us completely. Thank you for such a lovely little girl.

I've attached a couple of photos for you to see how well she has settled in and made herself a real part of our family.

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