Sunday, 13 January 2013

David & Nadine now Hari & Bo

You once knew us as David and Nadine but we are now called Hari and Bo (our new mum has a sweet tooth!)
We settled in straight away, as if we had always lived here and we love nothing better than to chase each other all the time and play lots of games.  We started to go outside at Christmas time, mostly we stay in the back garden because we are still too small to climb the fence that leads to the front.  We especially like to go out in the rain so that we can collect worms to bring back into the house!!
We are good in the night but we never let mum sleep past 7.30am, even on weekends, and we like to wake her up by kissing her on the nose and licking her fingers!
We enjoyed our short stay with you and meeting the nice ladies in the cattery but we love being spoilt and having lots of cuddles in our new home xxx

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