Friday, 31 May 2013

Harley & Mischa

We rehomed Harley & Mischa at the end of March, and would just like to let the staff in the cat centre know how they are getting on. We think that you'll see from the photo that despite not knowing each other, they get along quite well, although on occasion there may be a bit of a dispute if one doesn't want to share the much loved bean bag! 
As younger cats they are quite naughty but seem to be settling in well

Poppy was Mercedes

I adopted Poppy mid-March and she settled in very quickly. In fact, once she escaped the carrier when I brought her home  she started purring straight away. She's not the most cuddly of cats but does love giving my hands and arms a wash when they're in range!

She sleeps on the bed all night but come 7am she's screaming for her food which she loves, so I have to be very careful not to over-feed her.

Though she's able to go out now I don't think she goes far, spending her time on the fence, watching the world and the birds go by.

I lost two cats last year but Poppy has filled a huge hole in my heart, so thank you for letting me adopt her :-)

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Diesel now Mylo

I have been here for four months now. I have lots of toys, but nothing is as much fun as a cardboard box!
 Catching a few zzz's with my pal Pippa (also from Llys Nini - three years ago now!)
I love cuddling up on the bed, but I always wake Mum up really early, hehe!
 That's all folks! Sending all this has worn me out... Time for a nap.