Wednesday, 26 October 2011


We adopted Lulu aka Cleo early September 2011 and she settled in straight away.  She is such a lovely, beautiful and friendly kitten who loves attention.  Lulu is so affentionate and has a gentle nature. She gets on well with my three year old son and loves to watch him play with his toys.  She eventually won round our two older male brother cats Ollie and Coco (both 7 1/2).  She is often seen cuddled up with one of them. 

The staff at Llys Nini did a wonderful job in raising her, she is so affentionate and loves attention.We feel very lucky to have found her. Thank you Llys Nini staff and volunteers.

Emma, Neil, Thomas, Ollie & Coco Wilcox

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Polar & Panda

Polar & Panda are settling in really well, they are truly part of the family, Both Polar and Panda love their new bed and their new toys. They are really loving cats, much more than we thought, and are both already demanding cwtches and cuddles, they are being just a little bit spoilt!

 Panda enjoying the X-Factor with his Mammy!
Polar, not so much!

Friday, 7 October 2011

Abbie & Archie

Just to let you now how Abbie and Archie are settling in. We were both so upset when we lost our last old ladies within a month of one another. But when we saw Abbie and Archie we knew they were perfect for us.

They are both doing really well and seem to be finding their feet and moulding us to their needs.
Archie is a complete cuddle monster and can't get enough fuss and attention, while Abbie is a bit shy and likes being in her cat cave and snoozing, however she is just coming out of her shell and starting to demand a fuss. Archie's daily dilemma is who's lap to pick and wanders between us until he decides and then collapses in a purring furry heap. Abbie loves her food and if we are even a moment to slow in feeding her, boy do we know about it, which has earned her the nick name of screech!  She is such a nosy neighbour and when she isn't curled up snoozing she loves sitting in the sunny window and keeping an eye on what everyone outside is up to.

They have been so good since they have arrived and got to grips with using their tray and finding their favourite places to sit. Archie has started to go out into the garden for a wander around and Abbie is loving digging in the veggie beds, (great for getting rid of the weeds). At the moment they are having great fun chasing spiders, daddy long legs and playing with the cat nip mice I made for them. Archie has a mad five minutes and gallops around, skidding round corners and mewing to himself. Abbie just supervises from a safe distance! Far to elegant for any of that nonsense.
It's so nice to come home from work and see two little faces sitting in the bay window (like book ends) waiting for me to come in. Archie is normally so excited when I get through the door that he shivers all over including his tail and tells me all about his day, while Abbie tries to herd me into the kitchen to feed her. They seem to be very happy at home while we are at work and have the run of the house. 
I really can't imagine being without them now and think they seem really happy,we look forward to many happy years of sharing the sofa with them both !

I'm sad to see that Snowy is still with you, he was Abbie and Archie's neighbour and was such a character. I hope someone will come along for him soon. 

Thank you for our lovely cats ! 

Neil, Victoria, Abbie and Archie. 

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


We first came to the centre in September to have a look at the cats with our 8 month old daughter Elsie. Because we have a baby there were only 2 cats that were potentially suited to being re-homed with an infant, The first cat we met was a little timid and we were afraid she would be terrorised by our baby, then we met Benny. He was 20 weeks old at the time and was not at all bothered by our daughter squealing with excitement! He was so friendly and playful, and the staff at the centre thought he would be great with the baby and we agreed and thought he would be a fab new addition to our little family!
 Following a home visit and a couple of socialising trips, one week later Benny came home. At first he was very shy and took a little coaxing to come out of his travel basket, he was brilliantly litter trained so knew to only do his business in the tray and would happily come out for food too but would run back to the safety of his 'house'. That first night though, whilst i was bathing the baby, Benny went exploring downstairs and found a little gap beside the dishwasher where he snuck and hid for the whole night!!!! i was very concerned when i came down stirs to find he had vanished, after a little investigation i found him, and decide to leave him until he came out in his own time. which he did! By day 3 he was well settled into our home. Our daughter loves him and gets so excited when she sees him. He so so playful, he follows me everywhere i go (including the toilet!!) He does like a play fight every now and again too, but he has been generally great with our daughter, and given that she doesn't fully understand how to be gentle yet, they have got on great!! He still hasn't been let outside our house yet and he is still to be neutered which will be in the next fortnight. But he is a lovely cat to have around, you can tell he is a teenage boy, always prowling around and up to mischief but he is very loving and loves to sit on your lap for a cwtch or a nap. He seems very happy with his new home and loves to run as fast as he can from one end to the other!! He is like my shadow and has settled brilliantly into our family!

All the best from Olivia, Benji, Elsie and Benny x