Thursday, 27 December 2012

Tamara now Seren

You knew Seren as Tamara and now that she has firmly established herself with us I thought you'd like to know how she is doing.

She is such a lovely cat, very gentle and calm, although she does have her moments when she scampers up and down the stairs at a rate of knots. She was a little wary of us when we first brought her home, but still gave us lots of welcoming trills when we came home from work and head-butts for Huw in the evening.

The wariness has nearly gone now and she likes to be near us in one way or another. On the footstool by the radiator or the coffee table if we're in the sitting room; on the bed or windowsill if we're doing stuff upstairs. Windowsills are a real favourite! She is not a lapcat and I'm not sure she will ever be, but that's fine, she is fab and suits us completely. Thank you for such a lovely little girl.

I've attached a couple of photos for you to see how well she has settled in and made herself a real part of our family.

Saturday, 22 December 2012


Dear Llys Nini
O'Malley, born in April of 2012 and found in Mountain Ash, found himself a
home in August of this year thanks to the efforts of the Team at Llys Nini.
He is the most wonderful cat, playful, mischievous, gentle and loving and is
adored by his new family.
ll a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. With love from O'Malley an
We would like to wish you
ad his Family.

Winnie & Rupert

Just thought I would let you know that both kittens have settled in really well and are giving us a run for our money lol.
I have attached a few pictures and hopefully a video, the one with the Christmas tree you have to look really  close to see Winnie 3/4 of the way up!!!  


Hello everyone! Just a quick update on Jessie (now Cleo). She’s now been with us for almost two months and has definitely made her mark; our house is filled with cat toys and treats, and her grandparents even bought her a special pussy cat calendar for the countdown to Christmas! She’s a very loving cat who will usually sit with me at my desk when I work from home. She has become really attached to us – she won’t even go out into the garden unless we stand by the door nearby watching her! She’s still a kitten at heart and we have had a few mishaps with Christmas decorations (even managed to chew through fairy light cables – didn’t get electrocuted thankfully!) but it’s impossible to be annoyed with her for long as she is so cute! We try to keep her entertained as much as possible, the squeaking mouse toys attached to wands being her favourite. We love our lucky black cat very much and couldn't imagine being without her now! Thank you to all at Llys Nini for helping to match us with Cleo and merry Christmas!

Tuesday, 18 December 2012


Just to let you know that Oscar is well, he has been with us nearly a years already, he is a little bit of a bully who loves to bite anything or anybody. He lost his best friend Chief the dog back in September he was miserable without him until he met 2 new friends hank & Duke who moved in next door, they are also X Llys Nini cats.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Norbert & Gunther

Hello.  Just a quick note to let you know how Norbert & Gunther are getting on.  They are now called Darwin (black & white) and Rigby.  They have settled in quickly.  Darwin has quickly designated himself Grand Supreme Ruler of the House and we are his subjects.  Rigby is quietly mischievous and extremely loving.  They have both grown to twice the size of when we adopted them just 2 months ago.  Both cats get on very well with our Boxer bitch, Miley, and all 3 often cwtch up together on the dog bed. (Despite having a huge cat tree in the room!) Thank you for rehoming them with us, we couldn’t imagine being without them.


Hi Everyone,

Just a quick update about Basil (now called Finnegan) who we adopted as a kitten from you not long ago.
He's settled in with us in no time, exploring the house and then having a cuddle.   He still loves exploring everything and occasionally gets himself into sticky situations, managing to get stuck in places he shouldn't be!  He's a lovely boy and plays very gently with our baby, making him laugh lots!  He's very affectionate and cuddly too, and is one happy little kitten. 

Thank you all so much for our lovely little boy