Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Cookie & Lollypop

Just to let you know that Cookie and Lollipop (now called Sooty)
 have settled down to life with us. they are very friendly with each other
 and always playing and sleeping together and having fun chasing each
 other all over the living room. We are greatfulfor you allowing us to adopt the pair.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Thomas now known as Blue

'Blue finally has settled... He was originally with my Parents who took him with Lucy and Angel (previously Star) to be a friend to one of our cats, Muffin who had lost his brother.  Well Muffin made Blue's life a misery so eventually I said I would try him at my house.  I have birds so was very apprehensive at first.  Well after a few weeks of hissing and growling he settled and couldnt be happier.  We only have the occasional hiss and growl now, and even the the birds dont mind him ( as long as they have a chaperone!!).  He does love window sills to sprawl out on as long as a hot radiator is near!.  He sleeps all day and as soon as the light goes out, he is up all night playing and running up and down the stairs.
I suppose the lack of sleep makes up for the fact he is happy!

Wednesday, 15 December 2010


I adopted Rupert on Valentines day this year and although I have had many pet cats before I can honestly say I have never had one as loving, funny or intelligent as he is. He settled in virtually straight away and now runs the house and me. He was the best decision I've made in my life although I've got the feeling it was him that made it. I would really like to help out the sanctuary but unfortunately I'm out of work at the moment, once I am able to I will be in touch.
Thank you for my best friend and companion

Mickey & Maisey

Mickey & Maisey
After my husband and I bought a fabulous country property, we soon realised that something was missing and that was a pet.  I have always had horses and also I desperately wanted a dog.  But as we both work full time, there is no way I would get a dog only to lock it up 10 hours a day.  So for the 1st time in my 45 years I considered a cat, so that weekend I headed off to Llyns Nini.  While at the centre it dawned on me, that one may end up lonely in all this space.  So I thought maybe I should “consider” two.

(excuse me a sec Mickey has just arrived and is demanding chicken!!)
Ok am back now.

Anyway, that is the day I saw Mickey, then when looking for a staff member to seek further advice, I spotted Maisey, I enquired if it might be possible to adopt the two, was told that if it looked like they would get on, then yes, so they took them to the back room to see how they got on. 
That was over 2 years ago and they haven’t been apart for a day since.  It must have been  meant to be.
The four us  have gelled together.  John and I are besotted with them.  They are so spoilt, now they won’t eat wet cat food, they are far too posh for that now, Maisey eats fresh fish, Mickey adores cooked chicken.  They snack on bickies inbetween meals.   To be honest I could ramble on for hours.  We love them so much, I cannot imagine being without them.  I still want a dog one day, it won’t be for a while for the same reasons, and if one does come along,  well that could turn out eventful !!!  But I am sure we will all get our heads round it. 
Thank you Llys Nini xxxx

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Dotty was known as Snowdrop

Hi to all at Llys Nini,

Well, Snowdrop has been with us for over a week now, and despite a dose of cat flu and a course of anti-biotics from the vet, she has settled in really well and is back to her mischievious top form.

She has been re-named 'Dotty' because of the tabby markings on her back, and because she's a bit dotty too!
She loves playing with the kids, is very affectionate and has a very healthy appetite!!

She has really become part of the family in such a short space of time.

Thanks to all at Llys Nini.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Blackberry & Buttercup now Amber & Bramble

                                                                    Having a Snooze!

Bramble and Amber came to us at the end of October.  They were very 
timid in the cattery, but after a few weeks at home, they settled in 
pretty well, and set about climbing the curtains, playing with 
anything that moved and making friends with our black cat, Oscar.  
Amber (on the left) was much more confident than Bramble and is firm 
friends with my 5 year old daughter.  However over the past month or 
so, Bramble has also really settled, and now can very often be found 
sneaking under my legs, or snuggling up next to me when I'm sitting 
on the sofa, or even more cheekily, sneaking under my duvet at 
night.  She has turned out to be a very affectionate 'lap' cat and 
very rewarding to be around, especially remembering how she wouldn't 
let anyone touch her at first.  We feel privileged that they have 
'let' us look after them and we're looking forward to having them 
around for a long time

Friday, 29 October 2010


Hello there.  I wanted to make contact with you to tell you about the little cat called Fudge (re-named by me Mrs Tiggywinkle - Tiggy for short) I adopted her in April2009 I was living at  60 Pencaerfenni Park then - I had recently lost my husband and needed someone to love and care for - well Tiggy really fitted the bill - I have moved twice since then - once to Grimsby and the second time to my present home here in Norfolk - each time Tiggys micro-chip details were ammended - but she is a good little cat and never strays far from me. I swear she is my guardian Angel in a cat skin - I ve never known such a loving devoted animal - and I ve had dogs - cats and horses before - she is not a lap cat - it took me ages to be able to touch her - although she was so friendly and wanted to be friends - if I went to scoop her up - well she !d run for it - its taken me about 15 months to be able to pick her up and cuddle her - and I think she puts up with it just to please me - but she is not happy being held - so I respect her wishes. Her favourite time ofday is first thing in the morning - when she is allowed to come on to my bed and indulge in what I call "her morning love in" this involves loud purring n snuggling in to me - licking my face - tapping my face with her paw and gazing at me - if she isnt allowed this ritual in the morning - well her day is not the same. Once she has indulged in this ULTRA affectionate display - she!s back to her normal cool little self - living out her "cat day". She has a lovely big enclosed garden with tree s and bushes and a little pool - also - she is a keen bird watcher and has pigeons obliging her by landing on the grass and allowing her to test out her stalking and pouncing skills - which she is really glad about - as she has had to depend on grass-hoppers and baby frogs up until now . So there we are - two delighted souls - me for finding such a sweet little cat - and Tiggy for finding me (a slightly dotty old lady who she can twist round her paw)

Tiny Tim now Mickey!

Hi my name is Mickey but when I was at the centre I was known as tiny Tim,I have settled down real good with my new family and they dog & other cat,I get to go out and catch leaves and bring them home for my family.

Clare & Rob

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Orlando =)

After losing my 16 year old cat, Spider 3 years ago and my 18 year old cat, Peanut on 11th September this year, I realised how much I missed my furry feline around me and decided to have a look at Llys Nini.
We adopted gorgeous Orlando on Friday 15th October 2010 from Llys Nini.  It was so hard walking past all the enclosures but when we got to her enclosure she made us stop in our tracks she was so endearing and amusing we had to meet her.
We brought our 4 year old boy with us, and we went in to meet her, ooh, she was a little ''hiss and spit'', very jumpy, if she could'nt see your hand coming.  We did not know much about her background, she was abandoned in Swansea and was appx 2 years old so we did not know what she had been through.
Our second visit, she scrammed me on my thumb, I was dubious due to my son and even suggested to my partner, we look for a different cat.
But then I thought about Peanut, she was nearing wild, when I had her, but I won her over, so we decided to go for it.
The lovely staff in the  centre even commented that she was a bit lively, I said, I'd already found that out.
She will have been home a week tomorrow, and I swear, you'd think she has been here since birth.
What a beautiful, gentle, calm, laid back cat she is.....nothing like the enclosure, it must have been the circumstances, Evan has had all his mates in to look at her, they stroke her, she loves it. she is going to be one spoilt and loved cat...but I reckon we will get that back from her too.
Llys nini, it was fate, I just awoke that day out of the blue, I wanted another cat.....welcome Orlando.
The pics say it all, the enclosure, chilled on my lap, watching my fish...we just love her :)


Wednesday, 13 October 2010



 Tabatha has got a wonderful nature, very loving and is
such a happy little girl. She loves exploring in the garden and 
generally having fun. She settled in very quickly, is still a very 
vocal cat and I am so glad she has come into my life. I love sharing 
my home with her. Thank you Llys Nini for keeping her safe until I got her home.

Saturday, 9 October 2010


Orla moved in on 12/9/2010.
She has settled in well and enjoys 'busy' moments when she runs around
 the house and 'chilling' moments on the settee or a person's lap.
Orla has an inquisitive personality. She is so keen to part of what is
 happening that she is actually wanting to help me to type this email.
Because Orla was a stray she is not able to go outdoors yet.
 Watching the outside world from window sills and not
 being out in the action is very hard for Orla.
Thank you RSPCA for looking after Orla until I was able to meet her and take her home.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Poppy enjoying life!

Poppy loving the sun!

She has been with us for about 3 months & already acting like she owns the place.

Although a little bit shy of going outside her confidence is growing all the time.

As you can see from the pictures she's very nosy, following us around the house.
She always seems to miss us, rushing to the door when we return home.

Although she likes her own space she does like to be near us in the evenings,
watching TV.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Charlotte now known as Lottie

[Was known as Charlotte]

                                                 Finding her feet on her first day home!
                                                                 Trying to break out!
 Settling in well!
Gorgeous Lottie!
                               One smug looking cat, one defeated looking dog!
                             Susie attempts the 'if I don't look I can't see you' method
                                    when she realizes yet another cat has moved in!

Thursday, 9 September 2010

"We adopted Madonna in June 2009 and re-named her Maddie. She was so timid and nervous when she first arrived and would hardly let anyone near her. Maddie is now such a happy content cat and loves her new home and family. She is so tolerant of the children and lets them stroke her constantly and carry her around! She loves the conservatory her best and spends half her life in there dozing the day away and the night flitting between all of our beds (she never did like her own bed that we brought her)!! We are so happy we chose Maddie, she has been such a lovely addition to our family and it's so nice to come home and see her in the window waiting for us and rushing to the front door! Thank you Llys Nini for such a beautiful cat.
Love the Evans Family XXX"

Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Matt now Twm
Twm was adopted from the Centre in May 2010.
He loves the garden, is very inquisitive, loves to
play with his toys & is following his owners round
the house like a puppy! He is eating well & his fur
is growing back quickly. He is a little cheeky though
with the other cat, pouncing on her when she leasts expects
it, but she does stand her ground & is starting to get used to him.

Arctic now Ollie

Arctic now known as Ollie was a timid boy when we brought him home to

Saundersfoot last September 29th 2009.

He did not like our other cat Susie & she kept her distance.

After 3 months of cuddles, love & patience, he started coming up

on my lap for a sleep & two months later he & Susie

became the best of friends. Ollie has been with us for 8 months &

has brought such happiness to us & Susie & is loved by everyone!

Dexter, Tobi & Dylan

This is


He came in to the Centre as he was abandoned in an
empty house along with his brother Dexter.
Tobi had a stomach problem when he came in & his
new owner came to see him and Dexter all the time!

This is
He got re-homed with his brother Tobi
& is now living happily in his new home with the other cats.

He came in to the Centre in 2006 as he was unwanted.
He now lives with Dexter, Tobi & 2 other cats.
He is a Top Cat!

Fliss & Zorro

Fliss & Zorro
They came in to the Centre together
& left together to go to a great new home!

Now living the sweet life!



In the last 24 hours he has successfully trained his owners
to total obedience to his every whim! Despite providing
a comfortable basket for him he prefers our bed as you can see.
He still takes the occasional swipe at us to keep us in line,
but seems very happy & contented.
Finally after a long time, Murdock has found
the perfect family to love him!


The beginning of December was bitterly cold in South Wales but luckily, that did not stop a number of fishermen indulging in their favourite pastime on a lake just outside Llanelli. As they fished, they noticed a couple of men looking a little suspicious. The men appeared to put something into a sack, which they tied up and threw into the lake.

Curious, one of the anglers managed to retrieve the sack just as it was sinking, brought it to shore and opened it. He found a six month old kitten, wet and frightened. He took the kitten home, dried it off and warmed it before calling the RSPCA to collect it.

"Rosie" was brought into the Llys Nini Animal Centre for some tender loving care and an opportunity to find a new home. The Animal Centre's Cattery was absolutely full. "Rosie" got the last cat pod. However, the very next day a cat just ready to give birth was brought in, but with no room for her, it was decided that one of the healthy cats should be fostered off site to free cage space. "Rosie" was fostered by one of the Centre's volunteers. She settled into her foster home so well that she decided to stay. She got a new home and a new name. Rosie has become Tegi-named after the monster reputedly living in Llyn Tegid (Lake Bala) in North Wales. Why the name change? We are told that Tegi is very apt, as she was pulled from a lake and is a little monster. Needless to say she is very happy and has settled in well.

Tegi has a special like of bananas and has, on occasion, not only pinched them from the fruit bowl at home but has brought them in from someone else's house. It is quite a feat to bring a banana through a cat flap!