Friday, 29 October 2010


Hello there.  I wanted to make contact with you to tell you about the little cat called Fudge (re-named by me Mrs Tiggywinkle - Tiggy for short) I adopted her in April2009 I was living at  60 Pencaerfenni Park then - I had recently lost my husband and needed someone to love and care for - well Tiggy really fitted the bill - I have moved twice since then - once to Grimsby and the second time to my present home here in Norfolk - each time Tiggys micro-chip details were ammended - but she is a good little cat and never strays far from me. I swear she is my guardian Angel in a cat skin - I ve never known such a loving devoted animal - and I ve had dogs - cats and horses before - she is not a lap cat - it took me ages to be able to touch her - although she was so friendly and wanted to be friends - if I went to scoop her up - well she !d run for it - its taken me about 15 months to be able to pick her up and cuddle her - and I think she puts up with it just to please me - but she is not happy being held - so I respect her wishes. Her favourite time ofday is first thing in the morning - when she is allowed to come on to my bed and indulge in what I call "her morning love in" this involves loud purring n snuggling in to me - licking my face - tapping my face with her paw and gazing at me - if she isnt allowed this ritual in the morning - well her day is not the same. Once she has indulged in this ULTRA affectionate display - she!s back to her normal cool little self - living out her "cat day". She has a lovely big enclosed garden with tree s and bushes and a little pool - also - she is a keen bird watcher and has pigeons obliging her by landing on the grass and allowing her to test out her stalking and pouncing skills - which she is really glad about - as she has had to depend on grass-hoppers and baby frogs up until now . So there we are - two delighted souls - me for finding such a sweet little cat - and Tiggy for finding me (a slightly dotty old lady who she can twist round her paw)

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