Sunday, 19 December 2010

Thomas now known as Blue

'Blue finally has settled... He was originally with my Parents who took him with Lucy and Angel (previously Star) to be a friend to one of our cats, Muffin who had lost his brother.  Well Muffin made Blue's life a misery so eventually I said I would try him at my house.  I have birds so was very apprehensive at first.  Well after a few weeks of hissing and growling he settled and couldnt be happier.  We only have the occasional hiss and growl now, and even the the birds dont mind him ( as long as they have a chaperone!!).  He does love window sills to sprawl out on as long as a hot radiator is near!.  He sleeps all day and as soon as the light goes out, he is up all night playing and running up and down the stairs.
I suppose the lack of sleep makes up for the fact he is happy!

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