Friday, 22 April 2011

Twinkle & Magic now known as Charlie & Mollie

Magic & Twinkle
(Charlie & Mollie)

We adopted Magic and Twinkle ( who are now called Charlie and Mollie) in January 2011. They both settled in very quickly ( I think it took them about 30 mins!)
They are both very loving cats and love each others company. Charlie is a Mummy's boy, and loves nothing more than having cuddles with me and purring very loudly. Charlie has had a cut on his neck, the vet isn't sure if it's  from play fighting with Mollie or a reaction to where he had his blood test, but he is getting better. (That's why he has a red bandage on in one of the pictures) Mollie is more independent and loves exploring her surroundings and loves being on your shoulders.  Thank you for letting Charlie and Mollie become a part of our live - we couldn't imagine life without them.

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