Thursday, 10 November 2011


We originally arrived at the centre on a wet Saturday afternoon in early September with the view to completing our little family by adopting an adult cat.  We looked around the pens, and drew up our own little shortlist, before spending some time in  various pens getting to know some of the animals.  One stood out for us as ideal, so the adoption process was started.  Sadly, when the home check was carried out, it was decided that the road outside our home was too busy for the inquisitive young cat we'd both fallen for.  It was suggested that we go back to the centre and look for a cat who was perhaps a little older, and more of a "house cat".
So, the following Saturday we were back again.  This time a shortlist had been drawn up for us by the staff who know the individual cats so well.  We spent time in each individual's pen getting to know the character and temperament of each cat.  One shone through an eight year old Tabby  - "Molly".  She was at the centre as her previous owner had died, and had evidently been a much loved and pampered pet as she was rather on the "tubby" side!  We were warned that she had a bit of a bad temper, and was rather a lethargic animal who spent most of her time asleep.
Within the week, Molly had been collected, and was getting used to her new home.  We knew pretty soon that the description we had been given didn't fully describe her.  She proved to be far from lethargic, exploring the tops of cupboards and wardrobes, inside the kitchen cupboards and even the inside of the empty washing machine when the door was left open.    As her weight has now adjusted to a more normal level with careful feeding, Molly has become aware of her tail.  She sits watching the tip of her tail for a few moments, then chases it around in circles.  This activity is double the fun for Molly if she happens to have burrowed under a rug at the time!  Molly has now also discovered the outside world, and regularly patrols her territory which includes our back garden and that of our immediate neighbour much to the disgust of the resident Magpie who sits at the top of a tree shouting at her.
We have seen little evidence of her bad temper either, it seems she was just upset and lonely at being in the centre.  She is still rather shy, going to hide behind the bed or under the duvet on occasion when we have visitors.  However, she spent a few hours recently entertaining our two young nieces, despite all her toys being given to her to play with at once, and her toy rat being accidentally half drowned in Molly's water bowl!
Our little family is now happily settled, spending the colder evenings together on the sofa.  Molly likes nothing better than to have her own cushion to sit on, or perching on the back of the sofa and falling asleep.
Thanks everyone,
Lorna, Peter & Molly

We wish Molly and her family all the best for the future!

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