Sunday, 13 January 2013


We just wanted to update you on how Jet - now called Amity - is getting on. It's been 7 weeks since we adopted her and she is now 19 weeks old.

We were a little concerned about how Amity and our 4 year old male cat Indiana would get on but within a couple of days they were chasing each other round and touching noses. Over the last couple of weeks Indiana has started to wash her, she wasn't too keen at first but has now started to return the favour. Over the last couple of days Amity has decided she wants to curl up to sleep next to him which he doesn't mind providing she doesn't impinge on his space too much - he's not too impressed when she pushes him off the piano stool!

Amity still has her cute curly ears giving her a surprised look much of the time. She is slowly becoming less food proud. We are now able to feed both cats at the same time fairly close to one another and she doesn't growl providing Indiana doesn't get too near her food - which he quickly learnt wasn't a good idea when she hit him on the nose! One of us still has to supervise feeding time as she does like to try and steal his food - and he lets her - but hopefully this will improve once they're on the same meals. We think she is slowly coming to understand that she isn't going to go hungry but she hasn't quite got to grips with the fact she can't eat the same amount of food as a cat more than twice her size!

We can't understand why people aren't as keen to adopt black cats and kittens. Amity is so adorable and we're really glad we were able to offer her a home.

Take care and best wishes.
Caroline and Kyle

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