Monday, 11 July 2011

Tess & Yaz

Myself and my partner have now moved to Cardiff and Tessa and Yaz have settled into their new home well, they are sunning themselves in the garden as I type. You may remember Tess had a few behavioural issues and did not like to be touched, it is as though she is a completely different cat now, she is very affectionate and enjoys a cuddle on her terms, she is very confident and complacent and is definitely the boss of the house. Yaz is lovely, very chatty and has a tendency to wander around the house meowing until she finds someone to sit on, she is always purring and does a funny little dance when waiting for food.

Thank you so much for bringing these beautiful cats into our lives. They are a big part of our family and my brother and cousin (who adopted them with us) often come and visit them.

Thank You very much Elinor, Craig for adopting these two ladies!

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