Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Zelda now Pixie

To all at the fantastic Llys Nini rescue centre cattery,

Three weeks ago (today!) I adopted Zelda (now Pixie) from your cattery, and I couldn’t be any happier about it!

Pixie has settled in quickly and is a lovely little girl with a fantastic nature and a loud purr! Since moving in Pixie has become very vocal, and likes to follow me around the house, ‘commenting’ on everything that I’m doing, and she especially loves to welcome people into the house with loud friendly meows! Pixie is very playful, and chases anything that looks vaguely like a bit of string before catching it and chewing it to bits all over the house!

As you can see from the pictures, Pixie is completely relaxed here and spoiled for attention, and she loves nothing better than to curl up right next to you and be stroked to sleep!

I just want to thank you all at Llys Nini for helping me to find such a lovely, happy little cat. She is a beautiful addition to my family and I can’t imagine being without her, even if she does sometimes wake me up at 5 am just for a cwtch!

I want to say that if anyone is on the fence about whether to re-home a cat or not, I would certainly recommend that you do, as the right cat can bring so much love and happiness to a home, and you get the opportunity to give them a second chance at a happy life too.

Rebecca & Pixie

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